09 October 2009

Looking Forward To...

Number one:

The First Days of Spring could shape up to be a really good film. The music is great--by Noah and the Whale, hailing from Britain. Hopefully the story line is as dazzling as the aesthetics.

Number two:

© Robert Gullie

Modern surrealist photographer Robert Gullie has a show opening in Cohoes on the 16th...I can't remember the name of the gallery, but will post that eventually.


Also, if you haven't caught The Moth yet, get on that!

The Moth podcasts are storytelling crack.
The Moth

Some of the best stories you'll ever hear in your life, recorded live, and neatly packaged and delivered to you in podcast form. Thanks to my friend Julia's amazing team over at LitDrift for the suggestion!

Bon weekend!

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