19 October 2009

Hear here!

I can't say enough positive things about Jaymay...so rather than going on and on, I'll instead invite you to listen. Saw her in Gramercy about two years ago, opening for Jose Gonzales. Phenomenal show, and very small. The following songs are really spectacular: 
  • Sea Green, Sea Blue
  • Sycamore Down
  • Grey or Blue
Ciao amici, a dopo..


ChrisConte said...

I like Sea Green, Sea Blue a lot, they didn't have Sycamore Down on the available songs. Grey or Blue was also good, but I really like Sea Green, Sea Blue.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely captivating. Interesting perspective. Love it!


Haley said...

Elena, you're too funny. I didn't take that photo. But I am sure the photographer would be flattered!

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