24 March 2010

HaleyWulfman.com now live!

As you may have noticed, The Second Look blog has been on a brief hiatus--but now, is back! Look for the next post on what was found in the old bus, as promised. 

Also, HaleyWulfman.com is now live! Check it out for some brand new, never-before-seen photographs.


As winter has begun to recede, springtime has started poking its head around the corner. It seems a good song would be just the icing on the cake. Ride a White Swan, by T-Rex, is fantastic, if you haven't heard it before. Marc Bolan's fuschia suit and blue sky glasses in the following video might just be the fudge on the brownie. You decide:

: )

06 March 2010

Found: Time Capsule

Ever searched your house for your glasses, only to realize that they were sitting right there on your nose? Sometimes we miss those things which are most obvious.

Last weekend, I noticed a very old school bus in the woods up the street from my apartment. I've lived here for almost a year, and somehow managed not to see it all that time! Baffled at my own unawareness, I grabbed my camera and went to explore.

I couldn't figure out exactly what the transformed space had been used for. Glass jars lined the sides...some broken, some not. There was tons of stuff, just sitting there, waiting for something to happen. The long worktables with drawers along the right side of the bus led me to believe that this functioned as some sort of workspace. But for what?

Well, I went back today to investigate further. After spending some time checking out the old stuff (most of it not terribly interesting), I came across a box that was nearly closed, but not quite. Peeling back the decaying cardboard, the saturated red and yellow inks glared out at me...KODAK. I could barely contain myself! I reached my hand in, and the very first thing I pulled out was a roll of unused film that expired in 1959...

More to come soon! : )
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