24 March 2010

HaleyWulfman.com now live!

As you may have noticed, The Second Look blog has been on a brief hiatus--but now, is back! Look for the next post on what was found in the old bus, as promised. 

Also, HaleyWulfman.com is now live! Check it out for some brand new, never-before-seen photographs.


As winter has begun to recede, springtime has started poking its head around the corner. It seems a good song would be just the icing on the cake. Ride a White Swan, by T-Rex, is fantastic, if you haven't heard it before. Marc Bolan's fuschia suit and blue sky glasses in the following video might just be the fudge on the brownie. You decide:

: )


Anonymous said...

Love it. I want to see an enlargement of this photo.


Frances said...

Your website is fantastic! Congratulations! I LOVE the photographs and I can't wait to see more as you add them!

Chris Jones said...

It's good to finally see some of your photography, Haley.

'what became of the textile mills' is an excellent series. I love the sense of space, mood and isolation you've captured.

Look forward to seeing more!

Congrats on the new website! :)

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