27 October 2009

So much good music, can't stop posting!

Really enjoying 'Butterfly Nets' from Bishop Allen's 2007 album, The Broken String. And, the album title...for some reason, 'broken' is a word that grabs my attention. Maybe because I'm a klutz. 

The melodic quality of the song brings to mind 'Two Doves', a soft deviation from The Dirty Projectors' recent album, Bitte Orca, with its ironic layers of sound. Really good stuff.

Also, let's not forget the wonderful Madeleine Peyroux...dazzling. Listening to her every once in a while seems to be good for the soul.


Gray day. Even so, somehow, it seems nearly impossible for anything to detract from the native loveliness of this autumn, and its brave complexion. Every morning, my car is clothed in a new blanket of leaves; as the day begins here, I don't mind leaving the house so early.

SNEAK PREVIEW/REMINDER TO SELF: next post will be about the Cave of Perpetual Snow! and the snow hole phenomena.

Til next time..


ChrisConte said...

My mom mailed me a package the other day, and the top layer was nothing but big red maple leaves, yellow birch leaves, and an assortion that I couldn't really identify. So I took them outside were we all smoke cigerettes and tossed them around to make it look like tall Vermont trees were hanging overhead, dropping their dead, and they stuck to the wet wood. Though in the morning someone had picked them up and threw them away. That right there is a major problem in the army, someone would pick up leaves and throw them away, even if the leaves came from half a world away and were colored bright reds and yellows.
Autumn has finally hit over here, the first rain fell the other day, leaving the dusty trails a polished clean look. The trees are dropping their leaves and they stick in the mud peacefully. The irrigation streams are running full and fast, you can see dull yellow leaves floating by quickly, till they plummit at the falls. The fields have been picked and cleaned, rust brown soviet 1950 tractors travel in circles tilling up the moist soil for next year. The grape vines, a few weeks ago, bright green and full, are now empty and old looking. This week is the last harvest, and it is the marijuana harvest, and I'm not joking either. They grow it in crops over here and sell it in the bazzar next to the grapes, apples, and tomatoes. This morning the peaks in near by Pakistan were covered in snow for the first time in months.
Thought I would pass on some Afghanistan autumn moments, it makes leaving the wire a little easier knowing I get to go see sights like these, like you leaving the house so early.

Anonymous said...

This blog is to the blog-o-sphere as Danton was to the French Revolution.

-Kyle Hansen PHD

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Madeleine Peyroux fan. I completely concur.


Haley said...

Kyle Hansen PhD., thank you. You gain credentials so quickly!

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