09 November 2009

Junk Shop Finds: Cohoes, NY

This weekend, I found myself in the post-industrial city of Cohoes, NY. Home to the second largest waterfall in the state of NY, and also home to what was once the  largest textile mill in the United States. There is too much interesting stuff about this place to go into here, so I'll leave it to you to investigate.

Found one of the most marvelous junk shops I've been to in a while, run by a chain-smoking Vietnam vet. Great kind of guy: voice rusty like an old car on the highway, politically incorrect, serious respiratory issues, oddly wise. All I had to sacrifice for some interesting conversation and a bunch of sweet old stuff was the clean odor of the wool dress I was wearing and the health of my lungs. No problem! Sign me up.

"Sometimes, people come in, and I swear, none of it will sell for weeks, and then somebody'll come along and buy all the ugly stuff," he explained to me upon the exit of a group of people that only spoke Spanish. "It's like, they only want the ugly furniture! Fine with me, I guess." 

While they were still in the shop, the old man came over to where I was, sighed, flicked his ash, and said, "I have no idea what the hell they're sayin'."

Got amazing stuff, for $20. Here are two of my best finds:

c. 1930? Art Deco bakelite clock (needs cord replaced)

Look at this...what is it??

Its a Polaroid Automatic 230 Land Camera, produced from 1967-1969! Thanks to The Impossible Project, soon you will be able to buy analog Polaroid film!Found any cool stuff lately?


Solid Frog said...

I would love to visit that shop.

Annie said...

I felt inclined! As for that clock, I have a vintage pearl colored phone that would go beautifully next to it.

Anonymous said...

I love, love that camera!!! what a great addition...jules

preppygoesrock said...

i love the camera and i always wanted something like that up to now... im so jealous
check out my blog

Vinda Sonata said...

old cameras are love! can i have the one in the last picture? pllleeeasee?;)

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